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"To break the rules, you must first Master them." Book about interior design.

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Why Masters of Interior Design?

We master the skill of discovering the interior you want, 
far beyond your imagination.

  • To achieve an interior design for successful living.
  • We show you creativity is a system. And you can own it.
  • So don't live in the ego of an architect. Live yours.

Read more about our approved D-D-C-C method here.

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Do you want to Discover your interior? ​

A Masterplan for your interior in one day!

"Onze ervaring is dat mensen emotioneel betrokken zijn bij hun huis. Daardoor is het moeilijk om met een heldere blik de juiste beslissingen te nemen om het huis te verbeteren. Tijdens de Discover Dag helpen wij mensen uit te zoomen om te zien welke verrassende, slimme interieur oplossingen bij hun lifestyle passen. Wees gewaarschuwd: met ons stappenplan is er geen excuus meer om van je huis jouw thuis te maken." - Masters of Interior Design


Borrel bij zonsondergang
Creating Moments: Het ultieme moment van Mirjam en Paul is een relaxte borrel ná het werk. Met een prachtige zonsondergang. Dit is dan ook dé reden waarom ze dit appartement aangeschaft hebben. Masters of Interior Design heeft het interieur zo vormgegeven dat alles in dit huis bijdraagt aan dit moment.
Perfect Sunday
When you love the outdoors, what's better than a house that feels and lives like a cabin in the woods, but has all the comfort you need. Top all that off with a modern style, a life around the kitchen and this is what you will get.
When can we replace this big question mark with your new home? Click below and tell us more about your plans!


The most undervalued part of interior design. Together we Discover your dreams and the desired experience. Complimented with our expertise in spatial solutions.


This is where we turn the practical floor plan into a stylish warm interior. It’s all about the balance between shape, volume, color and material. Details determine the quality of our design.


We select the best building experts for you. To calculate, plan and create your personal interior design.
Continue your daily life while we take care of the complete process.


Time to move in your personal items and your brand new interior objects. The design comes to life.
With the finishing touch of our stylist your home is ready for successful living.

"By following the advise of Marc and Sven, you will get the desired outcome. Without spending a lot of time."

Fam. Jacobs, home owners