Masters of Interior Design can be booked for interior design presentations.

presentatie bouw woonevent marc muskens

Ik zie, ik zie... Wat jij ook kunt zien!

About: How to discover the hidden gems in an ugly room and easily change it for the better.

Language: Dutch, English

The Wowfactor

About: How to create eye-catching elements in every room.

Language: Dutch, English

Create your home in 7 steps

About: The seven steps you need to take to create a perfect home.

Language: Dutch, English​

Van Bouw naar Wouw!

About: How to add personality to your new-built home.

Language: Dutch, English

Funda huizenjacht

How to spot the house for you on Funda, how to buy it, what to look out for etc.

Language: Dutch, English​

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