Interior Architect Sven van Buuren

Sven van Buuren, interior architect


Interior architect Sven van Buuren is born in the spring of 1980, as the first son in a creative and entrepreneurial family.
His father taught him to enjoy life and how to mix this with being an entrepreneur. It is him who made Sven venturous and gave him the hunger to explore beyond the borders. His mother gave him his feeling for aesthetics and design. Even as a small child, Van Buuren was working on improving, designing and creating things.


My family stimulated me to venture, to design and to discover.

In 2007 he finished his Interior Architecture studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
He was nominated for the Paul Schuitema Award. 

Design Shop

During his studies, Sven, together with a few fellow students opent up their first design shop in The Hagues' well-known "Passage". Right across what is now the Apple Store.
Among other projects, they've designed the opening ceremony for the Council of Judiciary, opened by princess Beatrix. Also they designed a make-over for the foyer of a mayor The Hague theater.

After his studies Sven started his own interior design company. He designed multiple well-known stores, commercial interiors, hospitality projects as well as home interiors.
In 2012 he decided to focus almost entirely on home interiors.

On the side

While running his own company, Sven was a protégé of a wellknown architect and chairman of the Review Committee. 

To understand the process of designing custom built furniture, Sven was asked to set up the interior design department of one of The Netherlands largest interior builders. 

In 2015 Sven van Buuren and Marc Müskens founded Masters of Interior Design, focussing entirely on luxury home interiors that do reflect the lifestyle of the owners.


For as long as he can remember, Sven always want to improve things. It is always his idea that in order to make a great design, it needs to have a greatly improved function at first. Beautiful design wil follow automatically. 

He always looks at the greater picture: "What is it essentially, a client asks me?" There's always a question behind a question. Find that, fix that and you have a so much better design you would have ever had otherwise.

It also means he doesn't design in one particular style, but can easily adapt to the clients wishes and improve that. It makes the design very personal and user orientated. Sven is committed to make the world around you a better place with less distraction, so you can do better what you're good at.

To your success!